The onus is now on the Leader himself

Siddharth Varadarajan

1294343_187282364786717_1939815577_oEconomic Times
30 May, 2014

Is maximum governance feasible under minimum government?

By Siddharth Varadarajan

As he savoured the sweet taste of a journey that has taken him all the way from the crimsoned streets of 2002 to an arresting ceremony on the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan on Monday, PM Narendra Modi could be forgiven for wondering whether the road from here on is likely to be just as tortuous.

His pre-swearing-in statement spoke of “minimum government, maximum governance” and a new paradigm of hyper-efficient administration. But with some exceptions, the parade of faces that made up his Council of Ministers were a throwback to an earlier era and seemed so out of sync with the idea of ‘smart governance’ that even die-hard Modi supporters found it hard to contain their disappointment. The fact that several ministers have criminal cases pending against them or question marks over their efficiency or…

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Saving Money For Travel: 9 Practical Tips

Seriously Considering

The Shooting Star

We all wish we could we could grow money on trees, or inherit an inheritance we didn’t know we had,  or rub a magic lamp to take care of all expenses for that next dream trip. I can almost hear the excitement in the emails and tweets of people who stumble upon my blog for the first time, because as one of them put it, reading about my travel adventures can make it seem like I’ve discovered the secret of always having enough money to travel! Unfortunately, the truth is far from it, and saving money for travel is a conscious effort I’ve been making for the past many years.

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My Vote My Voice

I woke up today to a report in The Hindu on the voter turnout in subsequent elections since our independence. As the report shows the highest turnout ever recorded is 62% and the polling percentage in last two parliament elections were 58%.

Let me sum up why I think we should really bother to go to the polling booth perhaps a kilometer away from our home and make our voice heard.

  • If not this, what is the most beautiful thing about democracy. We select who govern us.
  • We are pride of our freedom struggle but forget to fulfill the most important responsibility our constitutional forefathers bestowed on us.
  • Its a fact that in the outgoing Loksabha, only one in five MPs enjoy the confidence of even 25% of the people he represents. Make sure your MP do really represent you. Its  not an office to be occupied by luck but by confidence of people.
  • Don’t ever give the feeling to the political parties that election verdicts can be manipulated by playing vote bank politics. High polling percentage is the only sustainable solution to this greatest menace of Indian democracy.
  • Whoever you are, a student or a house wife or an IT professional, accept the reality that you are under a government and its policies are affecting you on a day to day basis. That’s enough reason for any Indian to come out and make our voice heard.
  • The future and prosperity of our country don’t depend on nothing more other than your will. Your will is best expressed through votes.
  • My one vote.. How does it matter? “Palathulli peruvellam”
  • Many complain that they don’t find a suitable candidate. Remember that you have an option in this election to reject the candidates on the list (NOTA) and indirectly tell the political parties that they  have failed to even poster a candidate acceptable for you. It will act as a reminder to be more responsible in future.  But make sure you choose this option out of utmost conviction and not out of mere passion. Democracy evolves through peoples voice and so make it heard.
  • If you don’t vote , you loose the moral right to complain. If you don’t bother to  wait a few minutes outside a polling booth with your fellow citizens and access the minimal right (as well as duty) of voting,  what else have you done to rectify the system.

Think twice or thrice about whom to vote for. But never think even once whether I  should really vote. Its nothing less than a sin.

Celebrate the polling day. Press your voice. Get that blued acknowledgment on your finger. And smile out of pride..



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The language of love without a sound

Image  Image


Sharing some moments i had with mookan when we visited a tea estate near ooty. My grandfather worked here for more than 3 decades.The person seen in this photo is deaf and dumb and he was a helper for my grandma at home. It was a great surprise the depth of affection he still keep with us. At 60 he laughed and enjoyed our visit like a kid. SALUTE

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Well.. Its been  free time to me for the a month. So special were those days for me as I didnt have such long period off at least for 8 years. So what happened during these “special days”. To make it short ‘I counted on me and my surroundings.’ Looking back I feel WOWed  when I realise that I have done something quite satisfactorily what I wanted to do for quite a long time. I tried to analyse DIMENSIONS OF LIFE. At this moment i feel life is all about  sitting alone and counting on all silent noices one can produce..                                           

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Demanding conscience

Demanding conscience

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October 19, 2013 · 10:54 am


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August 19, 2013 · 11:20 am