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Modi needs to Make Things Happen so that Chinese and other investors Make in India

Riding the Elephant

Make in India has been the main slogan drummed out by Narendra Modi and his ministers and bureaucrats for many months, but it is surely time for that to be turned around into a reality by India’s prime minister adopting a personal slogan to Make Things Happen. There are few significant results from the Make in India campaign with its strange lion logo made of old fashioned engineering cogs, and there will not be many until Modi focuses on making India’s rules and regulations operate more easily.

Make in India lionThat thought must have been in the minds of many people who played a part in Modi’s three day trip to China at the end of last week, and maybe also on his visit today to South Korea as part of a three-country tour that has included the first visit by an Indian prime minister to Mongolia.

This was reflected by the China’s…

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