A for ART

Whenever I was asked to draw a picture,I used to sketch a scenery, where Sun was placed in between the hills with the crows flying and yes the waterfalls were also present. It was the best I could do during my school days.I cursed myself for being poor at painting.I was a misfit to be included in the category ‘artist’. Was I wrong?

Recently I witnessed one of the astonishing art exhibition I have ever been to, Kochi Muziris Biennale. The fact that people were tagging the event as irksome and fathomless made me eager to pay a visit.

I was flabbergasted by the panoply of exhibits,it evoked a heavenly pleasure I least expected. The art works at the carnival induced in me emotions I have never felt. I presume the main purpose of art is to understand ourselves better, its about losing and finding ourselves,the fest did justice to that aspect.

The experience was an eye-opener for me,I realized art cannot be defined, no medium can restrict it, it is a boundless entity. The festival is not a piece of cake for everyone but for the ones who appreciate the effort and pain of creating a genuine piece of art,it had to be the place.

The first artist I ever met in my life was the shirtless, nameless vagabond who drew on public walls using coloured chalk,the preteen boy in me didnt understand anything back then. His paintings conveyed his perspective far superior to a common man. Its quite uncanny that we seldom comprehend the fact that we have the ability to create stuffs beyond our imagination.

Each and every exhibit at the fest was unique and it was normal for each one of those to indulge us in deep thoughts. The art which made me awe struck was that of Nikhil Chopra. The virtuoso did a 52 hour act, La Perle Noire II. When I entered the room where he had performed,I could feel his breathe,his thoughts. His true dedication to the art was evident everywhere, there is no art without passion.

As I was drafting this write up, my one and half year old niece started scribbling randomly in her painting book. When she was done, I checked out what she was up to, I couldn’t hold back my smile. I found art.


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