Kochi Muziris Biennale 2014

It was with lot of doubt and hesitation that myself and my friend Arjun went to the Kochi Muziris Biennale 2014. I must confess that at least for me there was no idea of what this said arts exhibition is all about or at least all my understandings about the event were stupid.

When I stepped into Aspin Wall, the main venue of the exhibition I expected hundreds of paintings and sculptures hanged and placed in plenty. And for me being optimistic about the “bigness” of the event meant crossing the number of such paintings to thousands only. Curse the ME!

And the first work I came across in the venue was this.



Well… This troubled my mind.. Is this art ? Is this eligible to be displayed here? Where is imagination here? What is so artistic here? I couldn’t convince myself about the greatness of these works as I looked into the next one in the row.

I was defeated shamelessly here: I wont say why ? These photos would tell you why.

IMG_20150226_121837 IMG_20150226_122112 IMG_20150226_122142 IMG_20150226_123754 IMG_20150226_123802 IMG_20150226_123842 IMG_20150226_124304 IMG_20150226_124913 IMG_20150226_124933 IMG_20150226_133817 IMG_20150226_133826 IMG_20150226_133838 IMG_20150226_133850 IMG_20150226_134004 IMG_20150226_134309 IMG_20150226_135841 IMG_20150226_140016 IMG_20150226_140157 IMG_20150226_141319 IMG_20150226_142741IMG_20150226_122152 IMG_20150226_122200 IMG_20150226_122207

Well I will list down what really really made this visit to an art exhibition was exceptional.

  • The definition of the word ART itself changed in mu dictionary. Its domain and range changed . It is no more just paintings and sculptures for me. And to define and restrict art to any number of forms would be thelast nail in the coffin prepared for art in the world
  • Who is an artist. I thought an artist is born so or is atleast trained to be so. It is no more so for me. It can be anyone who has that capacity to listen, analyse and portray his thoughts in his own way. The mediums hardly matter.
  • As I analysed the issues portrayed in the works exhibited from all over the world, I could sense a similarity in them. As the saying goes “ Lokathevideyaayaalum manushyante prashnangal onnu thanneyaan”
  • I am convinced that the venue selected for the exhibition is the best among all. On the coast of fort kochi. Here glimpses of history of more than thousand years of human races can be seen in patches. This makes the treat more delightful. The works exhibited and the venue thus forms the perfect match for each other.
  • You just need to be a human being to enjoy these works. Because it tells the story of human race from different angles. These are just as difficult and as simple as that of a LIFE being lived.


I am sharing some of the pictures that I clicked during the initial hours of my visit. I understood then that no DSLR can show what the artist wanted to convey to his audience. It has to be heard, seen, touched, smelt and felt to appreciate the works.

Also my description doesn’t  cover what the event is all about even in the remotest manner. However I wanted to document my experience and let those who couldn’t make it into biennale this time to try to come next time.



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